How does Mindful Movement help?

As you read this, wiggle your toes. Feel the way they push against your shoes, and the weight of your feet on the floor. Really think about what your feet feel like right now – their heaviness.

Well done you just did some mindful movement, yes, it is as simple as that.

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You exercise in a Village Hall?

I have been teaching fitness for over 21 years now. Back in the early 90’s when I qualified, aerobics classes in Village Halls were the norm.  No need to pay huge gym fees, just pop along to your local post office and take a look in their window for posters advertising their local classes.  Usually pay as you go option and and away you go.

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Five BIG tips for women over 40

For many years I have listened to women, mostly girls that primarily want to drop a few pounds but also want to feel GOOD, want to feel back to there normal selves. Read more

Winter Nights are here…


How many of us have managed to do some regular physical activity and been reasonably sensible about our diet during the Summer when it’s light till late?

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Simple Steps to Healthy after 40

These days knowing what and when to eat for health can be so confusing. The Internet is bulging with information from so many different sources. Information overload is overwhelming, Interesting new foods have popped up – spirulina, quinoa, charcoal, flax to name a few. What they can do for you is confusing, not to mention many of them taste horrid!

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Finding the Time to Exercise

I recently asked the ladies in my free facebook group for 40+ women what main issues they were facing at this changing time of their lives.

One of the most answers was….

‘I have difficulty finding time to fit in regular exercise’

Before I let you have some tips to solve this problem, I firstly want to let you into a little confession…

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Weight gain around your middle? Read on….

Many 40+ women experience unexplained weight gain — especially around the waist and hips — despite their best attempts to diet, exercise like crazy and eating next to nothing.

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Hands Up Who Feels GREAT after a bad nights sleep?

Yes, I thought so, nobody raises their hand.  Lack of sleep makes you

moody and bitchy. And if you’ve followed my emails for any length of time, you know it also makes you fat.

What you may not know is all the OTHER less-well-known reasons you need to be sleeping 7-8 hours a night. Let’s take a look: Read more

My Midlife Manifesto!

A topical blog this week, election fever is upon us, you can’t turn the TV on without hearing the various parties bickering and bitching towards each other.  They have all published plausible(ish) manifestos to help you to decide who to vote for on Thursday.  So, that gave me an idea.

I will also publish a manifesto, especially for my 40+ women!

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Sleep – Why It’s SOOO important now we are over 40.

Is feel refreshed in the morning something you have not felt in some time?

Do you regularly wake up early and can’t get back to sleep?

Are you just longing for a GOOD nights sleep so you can actually do something productive during the day?

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